The Good Earth (Paperback)


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The Good Earth is a novel by Pearl S Buck. The novel is set in China in the times when the last emperor was ruling. It is a compelling story of a honest farmer Wang Lung and his selfless wife O Lan. The book recreates the historical period when huge changes occurred in the last century in China and how it affected its people. It paints a picture of the troubled times Wang Lung and his family face when China is at the brink of a revolution. You can be able relate to Wang Lung’s and his wife’s pain, suffering, pride, and a whole other gamut of emotions. The novel explores the myriad of human emotions like passion, greed, and desires, and how they drive a human being to do good or evil. It is about how the survival instinct can make one fight against all difficulties. The novel was published as export edition in the year 2013 by Washington Square Press. It is available in paperback.