The Science of Selling: Proven Strategies to Make Your Pitch, Influence Decisions, and Close the Deal (Paper Back)


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According to research published in the Harvard Business Review, 63% of the behaviors salespeople do actually drive down their performance. What’s worse, surveys reveal nearly half of salespeople fail to meet their quota every year. But this doesn’t have to be the case.The Science of Selling is the first book to offer proven sales strategies based on social psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics. Leading sales trainer and researcher David Hoffeld shows salespeople how to align how they sell with how the brain naturally forms buying decisions, which dramatically increases their ability to close the deal. What makes this fundamentally different, though, is its evidence-based approach that connects the dots between science and situations salespeople face every day, from using clients’ behaviors to inform their tactics and understanding what causes objections in order to neutralize them, to creating environments that inspire sales commitments and asking the right questions that prompt buyers to offer the information they need. Packed with advice and anecdotes, the Science of Selling is an essential resource for anyone looking to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive selling environment, advance their business goals, or boost their ability to influence others.