The Choice Factory (Paperback)


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Winner of the Sales and Marketing Category at the 2019 Business Book Awards. Voted #1 in the BBH World Cup of Advertising Books, 2018. If you are in the business of influencing decisions, you need to understand what drives them. The Choice Factory is an essential read for anyone who wants to learn. Taking us through a typical day of decisions, from trivial food choices to life-changing career moves, The Choice Factory explores how our behaviour is shaped by psychological shortcuts. The focus throughout is the marketing potential of knowing what makes us tick. Shotton draws not only on academia, but also on analysis of ad campaigns and his own original research, supporting his discussion with insights from some of the smartest thinkers in advertising. The Choice Factory is an entertaining and highly-accessible read, with 25 short chapters, each addressing a cognitive bias and outlining easy ways to apply it to your own business challenges. Dip in or read cover to cover and you’ll be full of new ideas, ready to crack any brief.