The Buddha Walks Into a Bar . . . (Paper Back)


There’s a new thirst for spirituality among young people today–butthey’re less inclined to adjust their lives around traditionalreligious forms than they are to look for transformation withintheir existing lifestyles. And they have a natural affinity forBuddhism. This is a book for them–by one of them. Lodro Rinzlerspeaks the language of Generation O, as his compatriots are known,and he’s a respected Buddhist teacher in his own right. His book isa complete introduction to Buddhism, without the culturaltrappings, in language that anyone can understand but that will beespecially appreciated by young people today under thirty. It’sentertaining, chatty, and often funny, but also very serious. It’sfor anyone who wants to use the Buddha’s teachings to awaken likehe did.


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