See you at the top (Paperback)

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“An exciting book loaded with logical ways to get motivated and stay that way. Profoundenough for a professor, yet simple enough for a teenager.”~The Dallas Times Herald~See You at the Top is a philosophy built on the ideas, practices and techniques developed byZig Ziglar over a lifetime of being engaged in sustainable success. The principles in this bookdraw on the author’s involvement, working with many of the world’s top professionals invarious fields. The premise of this book is that you can get everything you want in life if you help others toget what they want.See You at the Top provides step-by-step instructions on how to develop the mindset of anexceptional achiever. The book looks at some of the core elements you would require toreach the top and achieve any goal you desire.The author engages you with real-life stories, humorous incidents and funny caricatures thatkeep you engrossed as you move from one valuable nugget to another.See You at the Top has inspired millions of readers of all ages over decades and remains abestseller in numerous languages. This 25th Anniversary edition is a special expanded editionupdated by Zig Ziglar.”