Salem’s Lot (Paperback)


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‘Salem’s Lot is a vampire story which is thrilling and full of horror. The book is amongst the bestsellers series by the author. The story revolves round a small town in England that is infested by vampires, with two people trying to fight them and free the town. It is adventurous and spine-chilling till the end.The protagonist of the story is a writer named Ben Mears. He returns to his hometown after twenty five years, befriends a school teacher named Matt Burke and falls in love with Susan Norton. He starts writing a book about the abandoned Marsten House, of which he has bad memories as a child. The house gets bought by a businessman named Kurt Barlow, who is more of a traveller and his business partner Richard Straker also arrives at the house. Soon a small boy disappears, and his brother Danny dies and becomes a vampire. He infects a lot of people in the town. Barlow captures Susan and makes her a vampire. To stop this rampage on the town Ben, Matt, his doctor Jimmy Cody, young Mark Petrie, and the local priest Father Callahan get – together to fight the vampires. The group is attacked by the vampires, particularly by Barlow. Jimmy Cody is killed. Ben and Mark flee from the town, after successfully killing Barlow.