Power Up Power Down (Paperback)


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Power dynamics in the workplace are a given.
For those in leadership, the imbalance of power often leads to feeling frustrated, undervalued, and overlooked-especially in women and minorities-impacting both self-esteem and the bottom line.

For those feeling alone and unsure of how to respond, Power Up Power Down gives specific strategies to (finally) reclaim control and identifies proven ways to create a ‘win-win” outcome.

Too often, power situations can feel like a “rock and a hard place” – if you’re too assertive, you’re labeled (at best) as overbearing and unapproachable. If you’re too passive, your voice, ideas, and opinions are ignored. But as Viktor Frankl stated, “Between stimulus and response, there is a space.” Our “real” power is knowing how to tap into that space and respond intentionally.

Gail Rudolph helps readers discover how to harness their innate interpersonal power, revealing cues and signals that helps us respond effectively.

By recognizing the ways to value all people (including yourself), you can make a choice to become empowered!