How To Deal with Difficult Peop (Paper Pack)


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Don’t let problem people get to you!

Whether it’s a manager who keeps moving the goal posts, an uncooperative colleague, negative friend, or critical family member, some people are just plain hard to get along with.

Often, your immediate response is to shrink or sulk, become defensive or attack. But there are smarter moves to make when dealing with difficult people. This book explains how to cope with a range of situations with difficult people and to focus on what you can change.

This book will help you to:

  • Understand what makes difficult people tick and how best to handle them
  • Learn ways to confidently stand up to others and resist the urge to attack back
  • Develop strategies to calmly navigate emotionally-charged situations
  • Deal with all kinds of difficult people – hostile, manipulative and the impossible
  • Know when to choose your battles, and when to walk away