Do the Hard Things First_ How to Win Over Procrastinaster the Habit of Doing Difficult Work (Paperback)


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Break the Procrastination Habit, Accelerate Your Productivity, and Take Control of Your Life NOW.

Are you living in chaos because you constantly put off critical tasks until the last minute? Do you feel disorganized both at home and at work? Do you experience feelings of anxiety, frustration, and helplessness with all your incomplete projects?

If so, it’s time to defeat the procrastination habit and rewire your habits for doing difficult work now.

“Reinvent Your Approach to Doing Difficult Work and Stop Delaying to Live Your Life.”

Bestselling author and personal development trainer, Scott Allan, wants you to defeat procrastinationeliminate negative self-talk and overcome lazy tendencies to delay hard work. In this hands-on practical guide, you’ll learn Scott’s step-by-step method to destroy bad habits and end self-sabotage so that you can stop guilting yourself for working hard but getting nothing done.