The Emotional Intelligence Activity Kit:(Paperback)


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Know-it-all bosses, overcompetitive colleagues, and leaders who rarely leave their offices–common EQ problems such as these damage not just camaraderie, but also results. Because of this, managers are discovering now more than ever that emotional intelligence (EI)–knowing how to manage emotions, empathize, build relationships, and more–is a vital contributor to a company’s success. But how does one go about persuading others to improve their EI? The Emotional Intelligence Activity Kit shows the way with 50 practical exercises to:• Promote introspection • Increase empathy • Improve social skills • Boost influence • Inspire purpose• Bring everyone on board• And more Studies have proven that emotional intelligence drives performance. But the problem has always been how to utilize this knowledge and inspire new ways of thinking among individuals. But with this must-have kit, trainers, coaches, and organizational development professionals can now break through and trigger lasting EQ improvements in order to create thriving, successful organizations.